My name is Steve Robinson and I thank you for coming to the new Scuba Com website.

For over 25 years I have ran Scuba Com P/L and Scuba Commercial & Wholesale P/L as a walk in dive shop serving divers with most of their diving needs. Times have changed dramatically with people moving to the internet for their diving  and in-fact most of their daily needs.

As I  got older I wanted to semi retire and move with the times. So I closed the walk in store and restructured  Scuba Com P/L to the fully online business you are now looking at.

Do not hesitate to email us at steve@scubacom.com.au if you have any questions.

Below is the new Scuba Com P/L in the following headings.

Freight Notice: If purchasing multiple items please email us for a quote on the freight as the checkout can only calculate one item. Also if there are any problems with international freight while checking out also email us for a freight quote. We are currently trying to sort this problem out.  Sorry for the inconvenience


Scuba Com has been issued with the only specimen seashell permit (EP0002) in South Australia which is closely managed by the SA Fisheries Department. It is my aim to offer seashells to the world with a guarantee that all specimens have been responsibly collected ensuring species sustainability. We currently have a database of every seashell taken by us (with photos and unique number) and will be able to verify all shells sold by us. You will see this section slowly grow as this business moves forward.

If you are unsure about the authenticity of a new shell you might have from South Australia, feel free to contact us anytime.

Click Specimen Seashells for a full description of my business.

Go to the Store to purchase some beautiful environmentally managed and sustainable seashells.

Click the below links to see my videos on seashells underwater.

Ericusa fulgetrum (Lightning Volute) underwater video

Zoila thersites (Black Cowrie) underwater video


Having been involved in diving since 1979 I  have collected a lot of nice collectable dive gear. Unfortunately I no longer have room to store these items I have listed them on the is site. Visit our store or click Vintage Dive Gear to purchase some of these items.


Over many years of diving I have also collected a lot of old bottles and it is time to find a new owner freeing up space in my home.  They listed in our Store under Antique Glass & Bottles


We have closed our walk in dive store to semi retire and do the online things you see on this web site.

The new stock that we still have is being advertised cheaply in this section. Feel free to purchase any products in Dive Equipment.


I have been so happy with my JW Fisher Sealion 2 remotely operated vehicle I have decided to promote them on our website in Underwater Search Equipment

Please note all prices in this section are quoted in US Dollars, paid directly to JW Fishers and will be delivered directly from their factory in America.

All warranties are covered by JW Fisher in the US.

Contact us anytime fo further information on steve@scubacom.com.au.


FAUI is owned by Scuba Com P/L and is operated as a niche, quality training agency that welcomes dive instructors and shops to teach under our system that follows Australian Standards of scuba training.

Anyone needing a replacement card just contact us or go to the FAUI web site www.faui.com.au for further information.





Please feel free to email us at  steve@scubacom.com.au  and we will answer as soon as possible.