Aquabionic Fins & Tusa Mask and Snorkel set

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Aquabionic Fins Including  Tusa Mask and Snorkel set (Brand New)

Price:  $125.00 (RR 329.00)

Fins Size: US 8/10 EU 41/44

We have retired from our dive shop and selling the stock cheaply

Fins Description

The Cetatek Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fins with adjustable Stainless Steel Spring Straps instantly adapt and continuously change to any kick style and load level based on the demands of the diver. The WARP1 blade features unique construction: At rest, it is relatively flat, but when the diver kicks, the sophisticated design creates a deep scoop that channels water to create thrust. It also minimises side spill and allows the side rails to have a very low profile.

The Aquabionic by Cetatek introduces the world’s first Water Adapting Responsive Propulsion (WARP) system for fins. The WARP1 uses patent pending technology that spreads and cups the fin blade in response to increased load on actuator joints when the diver kicks harder.

The blade system is enabled by the active combination of articulating actuators and tensioning membrane. When force is applied onto the system the actuators automatically spread and cup, tensioning the membrane, generating three dimensional blade geometry that provide divers with the optimised profile to achieve maximum efficiency and power.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 76 × 25 × 15 cm


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