Apollo SV-2 Dive Mask

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Apollo SV-2 Dive Mask

Stock left over from closed dive shop, selling cheaply.

Product Description

The Apollo SV-2 Pro Mask is our best selling mask for people with medium to wide width faces. The popularity of the Apollo SV-2 Pro Mask speaks for itself. The two-window design offers exceptional visibility and low-volume comfort while incorporating a soft fit skirt that fits most medium to large adult faces.

Our best selling mask for adults with medium to wide width faces.

Apollo SV2 Pro Mask Features:

  • Low volume for easy clearing and wider field of vision
  • Revolutionary push-button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment
  • Unique flexible buckle attachment swivels with facial movements and absorbs shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask is bumped
  • Clear or Black, double-flanged silicon skirt
  • Super lightweight, highest quality tempered glass lenses
  • Supplied in clear plastic box
  • Fits medium to large adult faces

Special Offer: The Apollo SV-2 Pro Mask, plus an Apollo snorkel, is included for FREE when you purchase a pair of Apollo Bio-Fins with Spring Straps. See Open Heel Dive Fins.

This mask is also available with Corrective Lenses fitted:
Negative: -1.0 to -6.0 (step 0.5)
Positive: not available
Bifocal: +1.0 to +3.0 (step 0.5).

Available colours:

BLACK SILICONE SKIRT with frame colour of:
Black; Metallic Blue and Black; Metallic Yellow and Black; Magenta and Black; White and Black; Orange and Black; or Red and Black.

Please include alternative colour choices in the ‘comments’ section on check-out.

Tech Tip

Why Black or Opaque Skirt Diving and Snorkelling Masks Are Better

Clear silicone skirts on diving and snorkelling masks are popular because they minimise the claustrophobic feeling some people get when they wear a mask. Nevertheless, clear skirts actually interfere with vision. Extraneous light entering through the clear skirt makes it more difficult for the eye to focus and causes reflections that obscure vision. Demonstrate this by looking out a window from a lighted room at twilight. You will see better by cupping your hands around your eyes as you press your face to the window. For these reasons, knowledgeable scuba divers, spearos, freedivers, underwater photographers, and snorkellers seeking the best possible vision prefer masks with black or opaque silicone skirts.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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