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CHASING E-Reel is easy to use, it can retract the tether within 3-9 minutes, and can be used more than 30 times on a single charge. Let you get rid of the trouble of manual winding and enjoy the underwater exploration.


Whats in the box – 1 x E Reel, 1 x Handle, 1 x Charger, 1 x 3 Metre tether

Anti-blast Automatic Wiring Design

The E-Reel has 14 specialised stainless steel bearings, which adopts high precision aluminium alloy synchronous belt to drive and high quality stainless steel reciprocating lead-screw line anti-blast technology. It can ensure automatic wiring smooth, and has good explosion-proof wire effect.

IP65 Waterproof

Waterproofing is added to the structure, and the comprehensive waterproofing grade reaches IP65, which can prevent water splashing. Users can use it safely on the shore or on the ship.

4800mAh Large Capacity Battery

The E-Reel is equipped with 4800mAh large capacity battery, which is higher than the battery life level of the industry. The frequency of power discharge is up to 30 times in full power state. E-Reel also supports manual retracting and unwinding.

Replaceable Cable

Users can replace 50 meters, 100 meters or 200 meters tether as needed and use with CHASING M2 or GLADIUS MINI.

CHASING E-Reel Specifications

  • Size:296 x 189 x 279 mm
  • Weight:3.5 kg
  • Max Storage Length:200 meters
  • Battery Capacity:4800 mAh
  • Number of Cycles:> 300 times
  • Runtime:30 times
  • Winding Speed:3 gears
  • Take-Up Speed (200m):  Fast speed 220s / Low speed 9min
  • Operating Temperature:-10℃~45℃
  • Charger Power:25.2V 1.5A / 2.9A
  • Charging Time:4H






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