CHASING Grabber Claw

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CHASING Grabber Claw

CHASING Grabber Claw is small and easy to install. The maximum drag force is 12 kg and the force is adjustable. It is suitable for multiple uses such as sampling detection.

Can be fitted to the M2 and M2 Pro

Smooth Experience and Powerful Functions

With a 120mm opening and closing distance and a 2.8-second single opening and closing time, the grabber claw operates smoothly and can grab a variety of items.

10° Elevation Angle on Holder, Improving the Vision Integrity

The holder increases the angle between the grabber claw and the underwater drone by 10°, avoiding the obstruction of the view and enhancing the experience of the operation effectively.

AluminIum Alloy Material, Compact Size

AluminIum alloy material, using 4-core watertight connector of underwater drone, length 460mm, diameter 33.5mm, compact and portable.

Grabber Claw Specifications

  • Size:460 x 33.5 mm
  • Weight:370g
  • Weight in Water:50g
  • Max Grasping Force:6kg
  • Max Drag Force:12kg
  • Opening and Closing Distance:120mm
  • Max Depth:100 meters
  • Single Opening / Closing Time:2.8s



Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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