MC-1 Mini Camera – Fishers lowest cost underwater video system.

JW Fishers MC-1 Mini Camera is an underwater camera designed for a variety of applications. The Mini Camera is so compact and lightweight it can easily be mounted to a diver’s helmet or lowered into a pipe for internal inspections. The MC-1 can assist the commercial diver performing underwater structure inspections, or be lowered into the water on a pole to perform shallow water inspections from the surface. An internal LED light ring is available for applications where size is critical such as pipe inspection work. An external 100 watt light is available for applications where high powered lighting is required. The Mini Camera is surface powered allowing unlimited operating time.

The base system includes a black & white camera, 500 foot depth rated housing and 150 feet of cable. The camera produces sharp, clear video that is sent topside from the underwater camera and can be viewed on a video monitor, a TV with a video input jack, or a computer equipped with a video capture card. The entire video of that favorite dive site or inspection job can easily be recorded on a portable DVR (digital video recorder). The video can also be viewed and recorded on our new VRM-1 video monitor and recorder. The VRM-1 has a built-in 10.4 inch flat screen ultra bright display which makes it easy to see even on sunny days; and it has a built-in digital video recorder that records up to 12 hours of video on an SD card. Download the VRM-1 technical data sheet for additional information. The MC-1 can also be purchased with a color camera and monitor for those applications where a color picture is required.

The Mini Camera housing is ruggedly constructed of corrosion proof PVC making it an excellent choice for work in depths of up to 500 feet. The cable jacket is constructed of highly abrasive resistant urethane. The optional external underwater light is water-cooled allowing many operations between bulb replacement.


    • Internal Light Ring: $USD295
    • External 100 watt Light:$USD395
    • Two external 100 watt lights, mounting bracket, and handle$USD995
    • Adaptor for pole mounting$USD225
    • 120vac:$USD295
    • Extra Cable$USD3. per foot
    • Color Camera:$USD395
    • Video Recorder and Monitor:$USD3,195


  • PAL B&W Camera:$USDUSD95
  • PAL Color Camera: $USD470



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Weight 3 kg


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