The VRM-2 is a video monitor with a built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The display is ultra bright and high resolution. The VRM-2 was designed for use with JW Fishers video cameras (shown at left with MC-1 Mini Camera), but can also be used with other video equipment.

The DVR has a removable 16GB SD memory card included. Any capacity card up to 32 GB can be used. Recording time on a 16 GB card is approximately 12 hours when using the highest quality frame rate of 30 fps (frames per second). Using a lower frame rate allows longer recording times, but the video will not be as smooth, however the quality of still images will be the same.

The recording format is Mpeg-4 Video ASF. The video can be played back on the VRM-2’s monitor or a second monitor (or TV) can be plugged into the VRM-2, and the video will be displayed on both monitors. When recording, the operator can choose to have a time and date stamp recorded with the video. When the video is played back, the time and date of recording is displayed on the monitor. With the optional GPS input jack and interface, the boat’s GPS is displayed and recorded. With the optional Keyboard input jack and interface, a standard PS/2 PC keyboard (included) can be connected and notes can be typed on the screen (Text Overlay) and becomes a part of the recorded video.

The SD card can be removed from the DVR. The SD card reader (supplied) can be plugged into the USB port of a computer and the video played on the PC. A DVD, containing the video from the SD card, can also be made from the computer.

The VRM-1 will still be available for purchase with the MC-1 mini camera system, for customers who have a DHC-1, DV-1 or TOV-1 and those in need of repairs for the foreseeable future.


  • GPS input jack and interface: $USD895
  • Text Overlay, a PS/2 Keyboard, input jack, and interface: $USD895
  • Carry and shipping case: $USD375
  • Connector to allow other (non JWF) video cameras to be viewed and recorded: $USD75
  • Connector to allow other (non JWF) video cameras to be viewed and recorded including control of lights: $USD175

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