Zoila thersites

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Zoila thersites

Scuba Com P/L Database Number S0004

My permit only allows me to collect  five of these per year so I am very selective and this is a beautiful example of a Zoila thersites which is exists only in South Australia.  A beautiful thersites and lovely dark colour.

Overall Length – 78 mm

Collection Location – Edithburgh, South Australia

High quality specimen

Includes certificate of sustainability and display box as per photos above.

Environmental sustainability assurance.

Collected by S Robinson, permit number EP0002  (Issued by The South Australian Fisheries Department).

Processed by Scuba Com P/L, registered processor no. FP0817 (Issued by The South Australian Fisheries Department).

Scuba Com P/L keeps a data base (with photos) of every seashell collected to prove it has been collected under the strict management of the SA Fisheries Dept.

I can be contacted through this website if you need to verify your South Australian seashell purchase is authentic. My seashell permit is currently the only one in South Australia so purchases of newly collected shells should be listed on the Scuba Com P/L database.

It is our aim to collect data (and video) on all seashell numbers seen and work with the SA Fisheries Dept to ensure populations are protected from over collecting. This way generations into the future can also enjoy these wonderful seashells.

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