Zoila thersites. SOLD

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Zoila thersites

Shell number – S0040

This shell will be listed on auction site   http://shellauction.net  starting 24th of April and ending 31st April 2023


  • Collected from Stansbury South Australia on 29th of April 2023.
  • It has some very small spots but a beautiful shell. It is hard to find a good thersites at Stansbury now, most seen are badly damaged and not collected.
  • Length – 70mm

Permits and approvals to collect and sell South Australian seashells.

South Australian environmentally managed specimen shell permit No. EP0019, processing permit No. FP0817, native title approval granted and exemption to export seashells issued. This is the only specimen seashell permit in South Australia. All shells collected are photographed and monitored by the South Australian Fisheries Department, each shell is logged on a database and an electronic  certificate of authenticity is issued to purchasers.

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